THROUGH BROKEN DOORS is a digital exhibition created by an ensemble of 16 students from the Conservatory of Performance Arts at Point Park University during the fall of 2020. The TBD process was rooted in our need for community amidst a global pandemic, an anxiety-riddled, destabilizing, and high-stakes election, and a much-needed acceleration of protests against white supremacy and anti-Blackness. Using docudrama and devised theater techniques, the TBD ensemble created a series of video and audio pieces reflecting on their lived experiences through this moment. Compiled on this site, pieces include investigations of Black rest, documentation of the 2020 election, and conversations between loved ones.

From day one, the TBD process asked: why are we told to “leave your baggage at the door” when entering a classroom, a rehearsal studio, or the office? Especially in 2020, how can we be expected to focus by ignoring our challenges, pretending everything is fine, and getting to work? What if we were encouraged to honor our baggage, support it, share it, question it, take care of it? What if our frustrations, questions, and dreams were at the center of our art-making and community building? We invite you THROUGH BROKEN DOORS to join us and imagine what that might be like.

Cast & Crew

ENSEMBLE (alphabetical order)
Edwin Almonte
Ciera Rae Dastoor
Hope Debelius
Rashaad Dinkins
Kate Shea Duncan (Stage Manager)
Maya Fullard
Emily Harnett
Sam Kirk
Sam Lander
Abby MacKay
Caitlin Mayernik (Assistant Director)
Mia Sterbini
Nina Gabrielle Stumpf (Graphic Designer)
Nami Ana Talbot
Albert Lewis Wash II (Assistant Director)
Bailey Wilson

Adil Mansoor
Paul William Kruse
Sadah Espii Proctor
Scott Andrew, web designer
Hank Bullington, OBS specialist
Joss Green, video editing support
Ethan Jerrett, web developer
Bekezela Mguni, artist and librarian

Steven Breese
Katelyn Colwell
Kim Martin
Drew Martorella
Aaron Bollinger
April Daras
Stephanie Mayer
James Ogden

To continue the ongoing work of reparations please consider paying these amazing Black artists:


The Work

Floor 1: {cowboy emoji}
(video, 3:51)
by Kate Duncan, Nina Stumpf
Content Warning: This video includes rapidly flashing images

Floor 6: Can you hear me now?
(video, 6:35)
by Bailey Wilson, Ciera Dastoor

Floor 9: Death of Perception
(video, 2:46)
by Emily Harnett

Floor 2: Forward
(video, 12:28)
by Abby MacKay, Caitlin Mayernik, Sam Lander

Floor 3: How Our Love Changed the World
(video, 8:01)
by Rashaad Dinkins

Phone Tag: Checking In
(audio, 2:30)
by Kate Duncan, Nina Stumpf, Sam Kirk

Phone Tag: Quarantine Birthdays
(audio, 2:32)
by Kate Duncan, Nina Stumpf, Sam Kirk

Phone Tag: Red Solo Cups
(audio, 1:18)
by Kate Duncan, Nina Stumpf, Sam Kirk

red blue green
(audio, 2:22)
by Caitlin Mayernik, Kate Duncan, Sam Lander
Floor 5: Something About That Moment
(video, 5:07)
by Emily Harnett, Hope Debelius
Content Warning: This video includes rapidly flashing images as well as mention of anorexia, depression, and suicide

Floor 4: Something You Love
(video, 6:02)
by Sam Lander

Floor 12: The Revolution is Coming…
(video, 14:22)
by Maya Fullard
Content Warning: This video includes news footage of police brutality connected with the Uprising of Summer 2020.

Floor 7: This Is Not A Fable
(video, 7:30)
by Nami Talbot

Floor 10: To Be Honest
(video, 23:12)
by Maya Fullard, Rashaad Dinkins, Al Wash, Edwin Almonte, Mia Sterbini, Nami Talbot

Floor 11: to BE SEEN
(video, 9:58)
by Edwin Almonte, Ciera Dastoor

Floor 8: Unpinned
(video, TBD)
by Mia Sterbini


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